Wire Mesh Ribbon: Tips & Tutorials

Wire Mesh Ribbon: Tips & Tutorials

Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon Instructional Series

Video Tutorial: Making Two-Tone Pendant Cords
Today we are looking at how to insert a cord inside our Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon in order to create a more durable two-tone effect. Silk cord, leather etc., (especially of a contrasting color) inserted inside the Wire Mesh Ribbon creates a more stable and beautiful two-tone pendant cord. Great for use in necklaces, bracelets and more!

Video Tutorial: How To Finish The Ends & Attach The Clasp
We're continuing our series on how to work with Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon. Today we are going to take a crucial look at how to professionally finish off your pieces and how to add the clasp. And we'll be adding one of our own handmade glass pendants.

Video Tutorial: How To Add Ruffles & Waves
We're back for another segment of how to work with Wire Mesh Ribbon. Today we are going to look at how to get some of those interesting and beautiful wave and ruffle effects with the wire mesh ribbon.

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