Autumnal Tones Charm Bracelet with Czech Glass Flowers
Beautiful "table-cut" Czech glass flowers are decorated with antique brass chain, and hand-crafted metallic Czech glass "charms". Finished with an antique brass decorative toggle clasp. Length: 21 centimetres (8.25 inches)
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Boho Bling Wrapped Bangle
Chunky and funky vintage solid brass bracelet hand-set with 8mm SmokeyTopaz rhinestones with gold-plated and zinc charm embellishments. The inner part of the bangle is aprox. 54mm wide.
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Antique Copper Charm Bracelet
Funky, hand-painted mini-frames and a fun assortment of copper charms and dangling lamp-work beads with gold-stone accents. As fun to look at as it is to wear! The bracelet in the picture is approx. 7 inches long (18 cm). However,...
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The "Braided Lives" Sterling Silver Full Zodiac Astrological Charm Bracelet
This unique sterling silver charm bracelet features the full set of 12 sterling silver astrological charms. Each charm is coupled with a corresponding hand-made dangle, which features a crystal or stone in the appropriate color for that particular sign of...
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