Fantasia Firenze Collection
Fantasia Firenze Collection: The pieces in our Fantasia Firenze collection are limited editions or one-of-a-kind. Many of the components that make up the pieces were made in Florence, specifically, or, in other parts of Italy. All of the finished jewelry pieces themselves were designed and created in our Tuscan studio. Fantasia Firenze. Dream it. Wear it!

 Woven Elegance
Woven Elegance Collection: What do you get when you weave together a colorful array of Swarovski Crystal Pearls, lustrous Japanese seed beads, Italian wire mesh ribbon, funky antique metals, luminous Czech glass and more...? You get Bijou Arte's exciting new Woven Elegance Collection. Lovingly made in our Tuscan studio.

 Mala Elegance Collection
Mala Elegance Collection: Mala beads, while traditionally associated with prayer and meditation, can also be used as a vehicle to contemplate beauty, style, form and design. Our Mala Elegance collection was created especially for this purpose. Simply beautiful, this mala-inspired collection is meant to be worn and enjoyed, while the pieces visually stimulate and soothe you through the healing properties of their stones, and the subtle, psychological effects of their colors. Custom pieces can be designed and created in the stones/colors of your choice.

 Estate D'amore Collection
Estate D'amore Collection: Where Quarantine and Creativity Meet. Bijou Arte's newest collection was designed and hand-crafted over the two and half month period that the country we live and work in was almost completely shut down. Deciding to try and find the elusive silver-lining in the cloud that hovered above us during this scary time, we hunkered down and focused on setting up our new live/work studio, building our new website, and designing and hand-crafting our latest designer jewelry collection. It will stay forever in our minds as a bitter-sweet time. While we mourned for all of those effected by the global health crisis before us, we were also dazzled by one of the most beautiful Tuscan Spring seasons in recent memory. Inspired and optimistic that a true Summer of Love will unfold in the weeks ahead - bringing with it lots of healing sunshine and positive energy - we hope that you will join us in spreading the love through creativity, as we all usher in both a brand new decade and a brand new Age!

 Wedge Petal Weave Earrings Collection
Wedge Petal Weave Earrings Collection: Hand-woven earrings using the finest quality Japanese seed beads, crystals and semi-precious stone, finished with quality hand-crafted ear wires

 Tuscan Harvest Collection
Tuscan Harvest Collection: Mustard, rust, various shades of purple, orange and golden browns are big colors this season, and our new Tuscan Harvest Collection features them in abundance. Hand-made beads by our own Tim James are prominently featured, along with specialty Czech glass, vintage German glass, and Japanese seed and tila beads. High quality, hypo-allergenic metals are also used in antique brass, shades of gold and antique silver finishes. All pieces in the collection are either one-of-a-kind or limited editions.

 Jewelry Featuring Our Handmade Beads
Jewelry Featuring Our Handmade Beads: Just some of our creations that feature glass beads we created by hand in our Tuscany studio. Truly one-of-a-kind!

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