The Artist’s Way Forward – 10 Week Course

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~ Have you often wanted to do something creative or artistic in your life, but somehow always talked yourself out of taking the creative plunge? ~ Do you want to rediscover your passion for creating? ~ Are you hoping to unblock some of the barriers that have stopped you from living up to your true creative potential? ~ Do you work in a creative field but find yourself in a frustrating rut that makes it hard to be excited about your work? ~ Do you just feel stuck and out of touch with your inner muse, in general?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then this course is definitely for you!

Since 1978, Julia Cameron’s concept and seminal book, “The Artist’s Way”, has been inspiring working and aspiring artists, alike, to realize their life’s true path and to unblock their fullest creative potential. It’s never too late to get in touch with your inner writer, musician, poet, chef, painter, sculpture or designer.

Whether you’re an artist wanting to re-discover your inspiration, a poet who’s lost her Muse or a person who is simply looking for more joy and creativity in your life, this life changing experience is waiting for you!

Location: Bijou Arte Creative Studio, Camaiore (LU), Italy

Next Course Dates: To Be Announced. Contact us if you are interested in attending. 10 Sessions, Plus Optional Group “Artist Date,” at a time and place to be determined during the course.

Course Description: Throughout the 10-week course, we will work extensively with the text, “The Artist’s Way” by Julie Cameron, as well as with a variety of other related tools. We will also draw from a host of other important and inspiring traditions, including Jungian psychology, mythology, astrology, etc., giving participants the opportunity to introspectively explore their “inner artist”, and what might be blocking or impeding its creative flow.

Each session will emphasize group discussion and will also feature a series of fun and inspiring creative exercises for students to do on their own or in pairs. Some “homework” will be assigned each week, to help students to remain in the creative flow between group sessions. Together, we will learn to take creative risks, loosen up a bit, and to rediscover our innate creativity, within a nurturing and supportive environment.

Based on the concepts presented in The Artist’s Way and other like-minded texts, the goal of this course is to overcome the blocks that stop us from realizing the full expression of our creativity in whatever areas we choose to explore and express it.

Besides the course tuition fee, students will need to purchase or borrow a copy of the book The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron (avail. In English on, and to bring some basic art supplies to class as needed, in order to complete the in-class exercises that we will be doing. The full course will be taught in English, with clarification in Italian, when required.

About the Artist’s Way: The Artist’s Way movement began more than two decades ago, when author and Hollywood screenplay writer, Julia Cameron, shared her ideas with a few friends and colleagues in her living room. Her ideas and observations were well received, and she went on to create the full program that she had conceived, in book form, in 1994. Her book continues to this day to be a seminal text on creativity and an international best seller on how to unlock the natural creativity inherent in all of us.

About The Instructor: Lily Morda is an Italian-American jewelry designer, teacher and multi-media artist who has sold her creations to clients all over the world, throughout her thirty year career. She completed the Artist Way course in England in 2013, and is now excited to bring her own version of this program to aspiring students in Tuscany, in order to help others realize their true creative potential.

*Course Fee: The 10 week, 30 hour course fee is 210.00 euro per student, payable in advance, upon enrollment. Each course is limited to ten students. The minimum amount of students required for a group class to take place is 4. Smaller groups, or private sessions, may also be available at other times by request, for a slightly higher per student fee.

*Besides the course tuition fee, students will be required to purchase or borrow a copy of the book The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, (avail. In English on, and to bring some basic art supplies to class, as needed.

Light refreshments will be served during the break at each class session.

For more information, please contact Lily or call her at 0584-632-576 during regular business hours.

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The Artist’s Way Forward – 10 Week Course
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