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The "Twin Flame" Bracelet (Capricorn)
Sterling silver "lover's heart" bead strung with sterling silver and marcasite accent beads, grade A garnets, Swarovski crystal, and antique-silver plated caps and clasp. Garnet is the birthstone for Capricorns, but this bracelet can be worn by anyone attracted to...
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Astro-Mala Necklace (Capricorn)
Elegant, semi-precious stone Mala necklace. Hand-knotted between each bead, and designed in the traditional Mala fashion of incorporating 108 prayer beads, plus counter beads, and "guru" bead with hand crafted tassel. This piece was lovingly strung with grade A garnets,...
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Earrings: Tropic of Cancer
Part of our Astrology Jewelry Collection for the sign of Cancer. Featuring sterling silver charms and accent beads, Ruby Jade stone beads, Swarovski crystal sphere with hand-made sterling silver ear wires. Length: 5.5 centimeters (2 inches). About Cancer: Highly intuitive...
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Earrings: Angelic Presence (Taurus)
Angels are everywhere...even dangling from your ears! These lovely, light-weight earrings are comprised of whimsical Silver-plated pewter wings and beads, adorned with vintage Swarovski crystal, and sterling silver hand-made ear wires. Part of our Astrology Jewelry Collection for the sign...
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Capricorn Earrings With Sterling Silver Capricorn Charms
Part of our Astro-Jewelry series, these earrings were especially designed for Capricorns, as garnets are the preferred stones for that sign. Accompanying the garnets, these earrings  are further adorned with sterling silver Capricorn charms, crystal channels in a deep garnet...
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The Aquarian Age Necklace (Made to Order)
This lovely "Y" styled necklace was inspired by the needs of a particular client who was having trouble finding the right necklace to satisfy her cravings for all things purple! It just so happened, that coincidentally, Lily started working on...
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The "Braided Lives" Sterling Silver Full Zodiac Astrological Charm Bracelet
This unique sterling silver charm bracelet features the full set of 12 sterling silver astrological charms. Each charm is coupled with a corresponding hand-made dangle, which features a crystal or stone in the appropriate color for that particular sign of...
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Earrings: Age of Aquarius
Amethyst, cut crystal and sterling silver charm, accent beads and hand-made ear wires. Part of our Astro-Jewelry collection for the sign of Aquarius. Length: 5.5 centimeters About Aquarius: Often seen as visionaries, Aquarians are known for their idealism, unpredictability, originality...
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