Hand-made Italian glass beads and unique hand-crafted designer jewelry made in-house by Bijou Arte's talented design team. Artistic beading supplies hand-curated from travels in Europe and beyond! Truly beautiful and unique Designer Jewelry, Handmade Murano Glass Beads (made in-house), Curated Beading Supplies from around the globe (with an Italian focus) and comprehensive One-on-One Creative Courses (Glass Bead Making / Jewelry Design / Mixed Media). All housed under one roof at Bijou Arte's colorful and artistic showroom/studio space. Located in a lustrous green valley, our studio sits directly below the Apuani mountain range, near the northern coast of Tuscany, Italy, in the lovely Lucca Province. Whether you come for a day or stay for a life-time, you will never be sorry that you did!

To All Who Read This: Thank you for finding this website! Welcome!

A Note From Lily: In the beginning of 2023, my beloved husband, best friend and collaborative partner, Bijou Arte Design's resident glass bead artist and the creator of this website, Tim James, passed away from complications caused by throat cancer.

Devastated and recently widowed, I am now forced to learn how to continue my creative adventure without the company of my usual constant companions by my side. Unfortunately, several months before Tim's death, in the spring of 2022, our adored miniature Schnauzer, Siesta, also passed away at age 17. Combine that with everything else that has been going on in the world since the beginning of 2020, and, well, you get the picture...

So, while still grieving deeply,  I am currently re-imagining the next chapter for Bijou Arte Designs, as well as that of  of my own life without my partner of 25 years.  With the help of my daughter Leah, we are looking looking at moving our beady adventure further into the directions that Tim and I had discussed and planned prior to his illness and eventual passing. A greater emphasis on workshops and creativity. An expanding focus on innovative and beautiful Italian bead-related products, maybe some more video tutorials, etc. Those were some of the things that Tim and I planned on doing, and I will slowly move towards fulfilling those goals.

Having a focus and a creative outlet is so important in times like these. Thank you all for your support and good wishes throughout the years, and especially, during this transitional time in my life. I will continue to process you inquiries and orders in a timely fashion.  If you find yourself in Tuscany, please do plan a trip to the Bijou Arte Designs Studio to browse, take a class or to just say hello.

Ci vediamo presto - See you soon!

- Lily Morda, July 2023


Meet The Bijou Arte Team: Tim and Lily 2021

The Bijou Arte Team

Tim & Lily in their respective studios - Florence, Italy (2006-ish)

Tim & Lily in their respective studios - Florence, Italy (2006-ish)

Tim's fundraising video

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