The "Twin Flame" Bracelet (Sagittarius)

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Sagittarius Twin Flame Bracelet: Sterling silver “lover’s heart” bead strung with sterling silver and marcasite heart beads, grade A color-stabilized Turquoise beads, and a variety of crystal accents. Silver plated spacer beads and lovely toggle complete this bracelet. Turquoise is the birth stone for Sagittarius but, of course, this bracelet can be worn by anyone who enjoys its colors and vibe.
While this particular bracelet has been sold, a similar one can be designed, upon customer request.

Approx. Length 8 inches, 21 centimeters.

About Sagittarius: Boisterous, blunt, infinitely creative, jovial and often, a barrel of laughs, this is a sign that loves to meet new people and explore new ideas and places. Shooting the proverbial Sagittarius arrow towards his or her goals, whether they be in the realms of travel, work, art or love, keep their spirits high. For the typical Sagittarius, the journey is worth more than arriving at the final destination...Life is all about setting goals, and reaching those goals, only to start the cycle anew. As a lover or spouse, Sagittarius craves freedom within the relationship. It is important for them to know that the escape hatch is open, even if they never intend to use it. The worst thing a partner of a Sag. can do is to be too controlling or make their Sag. partner feel caged in.

Ruler: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Birthstones: Turquoise, Topaz
Colors: Purple, yellow, Dark blue, turquoise, green

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The "Twin Flame" Bracelet (Sagittarius)
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