Earrings: Tropic of Cancer

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Part of our Astrology Jewelry Collection for the sign of Cancer. Featuring sterling silver charms and accent beads, Ruby Jade stone beads, Swarovski crystal sphere with hand-made sterling silver ear wires. Length: 5.5 centimeters (2 inches).

About Cancer: Highly intuitive and tuned in to the needs of others, Cancer's are known for their warmth and their caring and empathetic natures.  They can also be obsessive, jealous, and insecure, especially when they feel emotionally threatened.  They often go from times of being outgoing and quite social, to those of needing alone time to regroup and lick their wounds, or to just kick back at home and read a good book! Cancers are often the best friends to go to when you need a cup of tea and a bit of friendly advice or sympathy.

Ruler: Moon
Element: Water
Birthstones: Ruby, moonstone
Colors: Greens, white, iridescent shades of various hues

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Earrings: Tropic of Cancer
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