Earrings: Age of Aquarius

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Amethyst, cut crystal and sterling silver charm, accent beads and hand-made ear wires. Part of our Astro-Jewelry collection for the sign of Aquarius.

Length: 5.5 centimeters

About Aquarius: Often seen as visionaries, Aquarians are known for their idealism, unpredictability, originality and inventiveness.  The Aquarian "shadow" can display tendencies towards perfectionism, and crave order to the point of fanaticism. When left unchecked, their impulses towards wanting to help the world, can turn into dark tendencies to try and control it through draconian technocratic means. Strongly motivated by social consciousness, they are often fascinated by rebellion and political activism.  They are also lots of fun at a party, and are often wonderful and stimulating conversationalists who would rather talk about organic gardening or the mysteries of the universe than about themselves.

Ruler: Saturn and Uranus
Element: Air
Birthstones: Amethyst, aquamarine
Colors: Sky blue, turquoise, electric blue

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Earrings: Age of Aquarius
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