Spring Bouquet Necklace
The hand-made pendant on this feminine necklace features a delicate hand-woven dangle in a floral motif, topped with our own handmade focal bead by Tim James. The rosary-style chain consists of Czech glass and Pink Aventurina semi-precious stone beads. The...
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Pink Moon Halo Pendant Necklace
Hand-woven pendant featuring Japanese and Czech seed beads, our own Murano glass handmade lampwork beads, a variety of accent beads and a beautiful hot-pink Swarovski pearl. Strung on high quality leather and hand-dyed silk cord. Finished with an antique-brass toggle....
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The Big Pink: Triple Row Leather Boho-Wrap Bracelet
This bold statement bracelet features glass beads that we created specifically for this piece. There were made using Murano glass in lovely shades of pink with silver accents. The outer layer features stunning, high-quality hot pink Swarovski pearls. Japanese seed...
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Amazon Spring Earrings
Featuring our own handmade glass drops with gold leaf in lovely, soothing jade-green and gold tones. Accompanied by Amanzonite semi-precious stones beads, and Czech glass accents. Finished with 14KGF hypo-allergenic hand-made ear wires. Length: 3.15 inches / 8 centimeters.
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Sassy Chili Pepper Earrings
Our own hand-made glass "chili pepper" drops  combined with Czech glass and micro-crystal wire-wrapped dangles made with 14KGF wire. Finished with hypo-allergenic 14kgf hand-made ear wires. Length: 3.15 inches / 8 centimeters.
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2-Strand Beaded Bracelet: Handmade Bead, Amber, Golden Coral, Jasper
The toggle clasp can either be worn in the front or the back of this unusual 2-strand bracelet. Featuring a harmonious combination of natural Amber, Golden Coral and Red Jasper, along with one of our own hand-made beads as a...
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Boho Rhapsody Tassel Necklace
Hand-made "boho-style" tassel made with imported Sari silk, hand-dyed silk cord and other fibers, along with handmade ceramic and lamp-work beads. The necklace features hand-knotted faced glass rondelle beads accompanied by lovely hand-made lampwork beads by our own Tim James....
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Buddha Bracelet with Handmade Focal Bead
Our own hand-made focal bead is accompanied with rhinestone-speckled Czech glass and antique gold-plated accents and heart toggle clasp. Length: 20 centimeters (8 inches).
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Winter Lily Bracelet
Delicate, yet sturdy hand-macramed bracelet, featuring a beautiful 22Kg gold foil focal bead hand-made bead by Tim James, along with Czech glass and Japanese seed and drop beads. Finished with a gold-plated button.
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Violet Night "Tincture Vessel" Necklace
Several years ago, we had these lovely silver-plated tincture vessels created for us exclusively, by a well-known metal artisan in Florence. They sat in our collection for several years until Lily decided to finally take them out of hiding and...
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The Rose Glow: Necklace Featuring Our Handmade Glass Beads & Hand-Woven Tassel-Pendant
This necklace was a real labor of love to make, due the intricate work involved in creating the hand-woven spiral design of the tassel-pendant, which took several days to hand-weave. The colors of the pendant are reflected nicely within the...
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Summer Sand Earrings w/ Our Own Handmade Glass Beads
Beautiful handmade lampwork beads by Tim James are accompanied with light colorado topaz crystal "channels", sterling silver and silver-plated pewter accent beads. Topped with hand-made sterling silver ear wires. Length: 3 inches / 7.5 centimeters.
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Shabby Chic Bracelet w/ Our Own Handmade Glass Beads
Our own Bright Red handmade beads combine elegantly with antiqued gold-plated findings. Length: approx. 8 inches (20 centimeter), including the clasp.
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Sacre' Boheme: Mesh Ribbon Necklace
Part of our Sacred Feminine series, this totally unique and one-of-a-kind necklace features an interesting array of components lovingly hand-stitched onto titanium-toned Italian wire mesh ribbon, reinforced with thick silk-satin cord for stability. The mesh is lovingly decorated with a...
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Pop Art Bracelet
If you love the combination of cobalt blue and chartreuse, this lamp-work bracelet is definitely for you. Gorgeous Murano-glass lamp work beads by artist Tim James are accented by sterling silver beads and caps, and finished with a sterling silver...
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Pebbled Beach Bracelet Featuring Our Own Handmade Beads
Handmade matte glass beads by artist Tim James in yummy beachy colors are combined with silver-plated charms and accents. Corrugated sterling silver beads and hammered bead caps complete the piece and add to the casual summer feel. Finished with a...
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Necklace: Micro-Macrame, Wire Mesh Ribbon & Handmade Glass Beads
Lily has become rather smitten with what is known as micro-macrame lately, and this necklace reflects her new obsession with this ancient craft. This particular piece combines luminous and strong upholstery knotting cord, our Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon, and...
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Necklace Featuring Our Own Handmade Glass Beads & Pendant
Glass beads and Pendant created by Tim James using Murano glass are combined beautifully with faceted natural agate beads and gold-plated accents. Strung on sturdy, high-quality leather cord. Adjustable length.
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Harvest Sunset Necklace
The rich golden, russet and violet tones make this long, but light-weight, necklace a joy to wear. Featuring a variety of beads from our beautiful line of Czech glass, along with matte metallic Japanese seed beads in various sizes. Finished...
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Golden Harvest Necklace
Mustard, rust, and golden browns are big colors this season, and this necklace features them in abundance. Handmade beads by our own Tim James are prominently featured along with Czech glass, Vintage German glass, and Japanese seed and tila beads....
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Enchanting Elegance Earrings: Our Own Handmade Glass Beads w/ Gold Leaf
Handmade beads in jet-black, glazed with 23k gold-leaf (Hollow beads contain less glass and are therefore lighter - Perfect for earrings!). Accented with gold plated-dangle and other accompaniments. Finished with 14kgf hand-made ear wires. Length: 2.75 inches (7 centimeters).
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Earrings: Feeling Fiesty w/ Our Own Handmade Glass Beads
Hand-made Murano glass beads by Tim James, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver accent beads and sterling silver hand-made ear wires. Length: 4 centimeters
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"La Bella Stagione" Bracelet w/ Our Own Handmade Glass Beads
A celebration of Summer in all its COLOR. Our own handmade lampwork beads, Czechoslovakian glass and gold-plated findings. Length: approx. 8 inches (20 centimeter), including the clasp.
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Earrings Featuring Our Own Handmade Hollow Beads
The beads used in these earrings are hollow core beads which contain less glass and are therefore lighter – Perfect for earrings! The beads were created here in our studio using special reactive glass. They are finished with handmade sterling...
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