Now more than ever your business NEEDS to go digital. And the e-commerce platform Shopify offers what online customers have come to expect: Speed and Reliability. Use one platform to sell products to anyone, anywhere: online with your e-commerce store, in online marketplaces, on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and in-person with point of sale.

This website is on the Shopify platform.

From within your Shopify dashboard you can manage everything from anywhere; customer orders, shipping, payments and even real-time analytics that provide insight into how your clients shop. You can even manage inventory, be it for one location or multiple storefronts. 

Our service is to provide you with a truly personalized website and web presence. You'll receive one-on-one attention; working together is how we can best realize your vision.

FREE, no obligation consultation. ALL work can be completed remotely/virtually via email and telephone; Begin building your future from the comfort of home Today. 

We offer complete package services:
- Domain 
- Web Hosting
- Business Email Setup
- Product Photos
- Promotional Videos
- Graphic/Logo Design
- Custom Website Design
- Site Management

WordPress Website Creation & Maintenance: A more economical option is the content management system WordPress. Fully customizable, WordPress is especially good for informational websites, although it can certainly be used for e-commerce as well.

As with Shopify, you'll be able to log in to your WordPress dashboard from anywhere and update site content, add products, create blog posts, etc.  The main difference between Shopify and WordPress is that WordPress websites are self-hosted whereas all Shopify sites reside on their lightning-quick platform. A self-hosted WordPress site is more likely to be sluggish at times. This is especially true for e-commerce site with lots of products; less so for informational sites.

Deciding between Shopify and WordPress depends on what you need from your website, and on budget. We can discuss this in detail during your FREE, no obligation consultation.
For a limited time receive 25% off the cost of your Custom Website
For a limited time receive 25% off the cost of your Custom Website.

Tim James - Custom Built Websites On Shopify & WordPress
About: Tim James has been building websites since the modern day stone-age of 1999. A self-employed artisan, he began learning the ins and outs of web design out of necessity, to save money. Luckily he had a knack for it and as his knowledge grew from personal experience he began creating websites commercially. 

Tim has worked with a slew of content management systems over the years, including Zen Cart, Joomla and Squarespace. For many years WordPress was the go-to CMS but of late Shopify has taken the reins, and for good reason. 

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