Hand-made Italian glass beads and unique hand-crafted designer jewelry made in-house by Bijou Arte's talented design team. Artistic beading supplies hand-curated from travels in Europe and beyond!

Join wife and husband team Lily and Tim on their creative adventure; Truly beautiful and unique Designer Jewelry, Handmade Murano Glass Beads (made in-house), Curated Beading Supplies from around the globe (with a European focus) and comprehensive One-on-One Creative Courses (Glass Bead Making / Jewelry Design / Mixed Media). All housed under one roof at Bijou Arte's colorful and artistic live/work studio space. Located in a lustrous green valley, our studio sits directly below the Apuani mountain range, near the northern coast of Tuscany, Italy, in the lovely Lucca Province.

Lily and Tim welcome your visit, be it virtually online, or in person at our Tuscan studio. For those who will be in our area and want to come for a visit to browse our lovely selection of hand-crafted jewelry and designer beading supplies, see a live bead-making demonstration, or take a fun and informative hands-on workshop, your visit by pre-arranged appointment is always welcome and encouraged.

Ci vediamo presto - See you soon!

Meet The Bijou Arte Team: Tim and Lily

The Bijou Arte Team

Tim & Lily in their respective studios - Florence, Italy (2006-ish)

Tim & Lily in their respective studios - Florence, Italy (2006-ish)

Fundraiser: Help Tim LIVE With Stage 4 Cancer
Tim and Lily are American artisans who live in Italy. Feeling poorly for quite some time, Tim went to see the doctor; after more than a year of symptomatic illness and clinical tests, they were informed that he had stage 4 throat cancer. YOU can help!!

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