Learn To Make Hollow Core Glass Beads! 4-hour Advanced Course

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A 4-hour workshop with glass bead maker Tim James. Offered as Private, one-on-one instruction or at a discounted group rate for two people.

This is an Advanced level course. Our 12-Hour or 20-hour beginners Introduction To Lampwork course is highly recommended as this is an extension of that learning process (or equivalent experience).

Voucher Purchase: This class voucher can be purchased for your own use (dates to be decided after purchase) or given as a gift (a gift certificate can be provided, which can be emailed to the recipient or printed).

What does the course cover? Hollow core lampwork beads are lighter weight, uniquely beautiful and much more durable than blown glass beads. Hollow beads are made by creating two molten glass cupped "walls" constructed on the mandrel, which are then sealed together, trapping air between them. When heated, the trapped air expands and puffs out the softened glass walls, forming a lightweight bead with no glass at the core.

You will work side-by-side with the instructor as he demonstrates and explains the various techniques, including learning how to make different shapes, bead decoration etc. And besides the obvious benefit of learning to make hollow beads for the sake of the beads themselves, you will also glean from this course a whole new way of working with glass.

The techniques used in this course can literally become the standard by which you make each and every bead, hollow and non-hollow alike. Perfecting the use of gravity and spot-specific heat techniques will give you an incredible amount of control and opens the door to endless creation and designing possibilities. And of course all of the beads you make are yours to keep.

Continuing Practice: Our bead making facilities are available for hire, so you can come into the studio and practice in your own time once you are suitably experienced.

Our Bead Making Stations: Each of our bead making stations are equipped with Nortel Minor Bench Burner torches which operate using an oxygen and propane mix. Each student is assigned their own work station and torch. We use Italian glass rods from the Venetian island of Murano for all of our bead making and instruction.

What do I need to bring? Nothing but yourself and a desire to learn! If you have long hair, it’s best tied back, and avoid wearing synthetic clothes or long flowing sleeves. (Short sleeves or tight fitting long sleeves are best.) All your glass, materials, tools and use of kilns, along with coffee and tea are provided.


  • For cancellations made 8 weeks in advance we offer a 75% refund or one free date change
  • For cancellations made 6 weeks in advance we offer a 50% refund or one free date change
  • For cancellations made 4 weeks in advance we can only offer a 50% refund or one free date change

If we receive less than 4 weeks notice we are unable to offer a refund. We can, however, offer one free date change.

Course Dates & Times: Private classes are at a time and date to suit you. You will be contacted once we receive your voucher purchase. When purchasing your voucher you will be given the opportunity to tell us your preferred course date. If you and a friend or two would like to schedule a class together, discounted group pricing is offered. For group rates to apply all instruction must occur with all students present at the same time.

Course Location: We offer seasonal courses in a lovely part of Italy known as La Versilia, on the coast of Tuscany. This spectacular area offers a wealth of riches: the Apuan Alps, Mediterranean beaches, charming hill towns nestled among forested hills… truly breathtaking.

Please contact us and tell us your preferred dates for your class. 

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Learn To Make Hollow Core Glass Beads! 4-hour Advanced Course
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